Sunday, April 27, 2008

Getting Out From Under Water

I'm sorry it's been so long since I posted. (And for being so bad about responding to comments here and private emails as well.)

All three of us have just been hit really hard with a virus or cold bug. Scott, who is always very stoic, has managed not to miss a day's work through out this bug but I know he had days it was hard to drag himself out of bed. As for me, I have barely made it out of my pajamas since getting hit hard a week ago Friday, and just started getting back to my computer this weekend.

And poor Ellie had the dubious honor of getting sent home sick from daycare for the first time on April 18 when she complained of bad tummy pain and they discovered she was running a fever. We still don't know what the tummy pain was about (this isn't the first time lately she's complained of a tummy ache) but she'd had cold symptoms and complained of a sore throat for two or three weeks. And when we got her to the pediatrician the day she got sent home sick, she found Ellie had an ear infection so she's been on antibiotics for almost a week and is doing way better.

I've always been much more of a whiner than Scott when it comes to being sick, so it's hard to tell whether I actually get hit harder from these bugs than he does or if I just complain about it more. :) But since getting sick last summer, it really does feel like these bugs hit me much harder now than they did when I started from a relatively healthy point.

I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and just the fact that I'm finally getting back to email and my blog must mean I'm on the road to recovery. But if not, I have an appointment with my internist on Monday anyway and she can decide then if it's just a cold or something that requires antibiotics.

(I have to say, I haven't had a cough like this in years. Even my two cases of pneumonia last year didn't make me cough this bad. It's been so bad that I have to resort to my albuterol inhaler at night to break the coughing cycles so I can sleep. And the sore throat keeps making me wonder if I could possibly have strep ... when Scott told me last night he had wondered the same thing about himself last week, I really scolded him for not seeing a doctor about it so I guess it's good I've got an appointment set up.)

OK, I'm officially rambling, which means it must be time to end the post. Hope all of you are staying healthy, or at least avoiding the bugs flying around!

(Note: Thought I hit the "Publish" button on Friday, April 25, but found it two days later sitting open on my computer screen and apparently it never made it to the blog. Tweaked ever so slightly to properly reflect dates.)

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