Saturday, May 3, 2008

Antibiotics Again!

Well, I'm hopeful that my lingering bug will be dead soon since I started last night on a powerful, newish antibiotic (Avalox) that I've taken before for pneumonia and bronchitis.

The weird thing is my doctor called in a 30-day supply of pills for me, so I guess on Monday I get to call her and ask if I'm really supposed to take it for 30 days or if she's just giving me a home supply for the next round of bug since I can't seem to kick these cold bugs on my own since I got sick last year. Too weird.

The good news is my killer sore throat is finally gone and the bug seems to have settled into my sinuses, which are excrutiating if you press even lightly on them, and my left ear. I can tell it's definitely affecting my hearing again because it's once again tough to understand Ellie. :( I think I hate that part worst of all because it seems to bewilder her when I can't understand what she's saying. I try to explain that Mommy's ears aren't working very well right now, but she still thinks that a kiss should make them all better. :) I do enjoy the kisses. :)

I'm feeling pretty worn out today because we had a little excitement yesterday after it appeared Ellie had dislocated her elbow for the third time, the second time at school and within two months. They keep shuffling teachers around at Kindercare so every time we turn around there's a new teacher who needs to be warned to be careful of Ellie's right elbow.

Anyway, the injury happened Thursday, but it didn't seem as severe as the previous two times. She was protecting it against her side and favoring her left arm, but she wasn't making pain noises and crying at the slightest jarring motion. So we decided to wait and see overnight how it looked. When she woke up with it still tight against her side, we decided that Scott's work time was worth the extra co-pay for going to the ER rather than waiting for the pediatrician's office to open. I had already taken my pain meds and didn't want to drive myself, but Scott promised he'd drive me home afterwards because he really wanted me there too.

Just before we arrived at the hospital, Ellie's favorite song came on the CD player and suddenly she's lifting both arms up in the air and moving her fingers like she's tickling someone. Scott parked at the ER, and then we coaxed Ellie into a series of movements and decided maybe she was OK after all and took her to school.

Of course, when we got to school, she was back to protecting her right arm and not using it and complaining it hurt, which left us waffling. We ended up leaving her at school after telling the teacher that we wanted a phone call if she got any worse. Meanwhile, I stayed awake until the ped's office opened and got one of the few remaining openings with her doc for 2:15 p.m.

Scott works very close to Ellie's school, so he asked me how I felt about dropping him off and driving myself home, then picking him up on the way to get Ellie for the doc appointment. I agreed because I thought I felt OK, but before I was even a third of the way home, I had this wave of exhaustion and could barely keep my eyes open. That was just kind of scary, and I won't do that again. :( But I did make it home safely, went back to sleep after making Ellie's doctor appointment, and essentially woke up four hours later, just in time to grab a quick bite for lunch and then head out to pick Scott up.

My pain levels are very high upon waking, then respond well to medicine but climb throughout the day. I generally need another dose of pain meds by 2 p.m. at the outside, so it was hard driving to pick up Scott and then having to wait until we were in an examining room to get a drink of water to take another dose of pain medication.

Meanwhile, Ellie's arm was completely better by the time we got her picked up. Scott wanted to cancel the doctor appointment, but since it was just 15 minutes before our slot, I didn't think I could do that without charge anyway. So we went, and got some advice for how to re-locate Ellie's elbow if we're absolutely sure there's no chance she broke anything. (Yeah, like you can ever be absolutely sure without an x-ray!) We also got some reassurance that Ellie's repeated dislocations don't doom her to a lifetime of elbow problems as I'd read online. (A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!)

We had planned to visit Costco after work/school last night, so we went after Ellie's doctor appointment. Which I think was a mistake for me because even with those electric scooters they have available (thank G-d, because I'd never be able to shop there without them!), I was completely and utterly worn out when we got home.

And of course it carried over into today, and will probably last until early next week because I never seem able to catch up on my rest over the weekend when Scott and Ellie are home.

Of course, it could be a lot worse, and I probably shouldn't whine about it. But it really helps to have a place to vent, and I appreciate anyone who's reading not telling me I'm completely lame for doing so. :)


SharonMV said...

sorry you're still unwell. sinus infections are one of the banes of my existence - always having one. I understand completely about the driving thing. Haven't driven anywhere in over a year, but even during my better days, I could only go about a 15-20 minute drive from my house. And days where I could go shorter distances, but only on familiar, well known roads. It's like you get so exhausted your brain stops working. Once my husband convinced me to come with him to pick up his car at the shop & then drive my car home. well, things did not bode well when I realized he wasn't going to the close garage. I ended up accidently getting derailed onto a toll road that was unfamiliar to me & having no money for the toll & it was getting dark. Managed to find some change, get off at next exit & find a way home. Hubby & my sisters found the story of my panic on the toll road amusing, but it took a few years before i could laugh at this misadventure myself.


SharonMV said...

Me again (Sharon). I just wanted to mention a precaution about Avelox. You've mentioned having a thyroid problem. Don't know if you take Synthroid or other thyroid replacement, but Avelox type antibiotics can interfere with Synthroid. My thyroid levels went down inexplicably last Dec. while on Avelox. Later read about antibiotics of this class affecting absorption of
Synthroid. I think it's OK it the meds are taken 6 hours apart. You might want to check with your doc if this is a concern to you.

Also check with doctor if you suddenly develop tendinitis especially in Achilles tendons.