Friday, September 5, 2008

Switching Focus

Sometimes it's good to have someone else to worry about than only to have my own health to obsess over.

Not that I'm wishing anyone else sick!

But a couple nights ago, Scott came into Ellie's room at bedtime without a shirt on. I think the t-shirts he uses for pajamas were all down in the dryer or something. As he bent down to help Ellie into her overnight pull-up (she's not night-trained yet), I saw something funny.

"What's that?!" I asked.

"What?" he answered. "Not now."

After Ellie was asleep, he let me have a closer view of what I think is a really suspicious looking mole. He saw a dermatologist awhile back -- 2002? -- after his younger sister had a mole determined to be melanoma. That dermatologist did a full-body exam of Scott, biopsied a couple moles that were possibly suspicious (but came back normal) and told him to get checked out regularly.

But Scott's incredibly healthy (thank goodness!) and somehow never made it back to the dermatologist again.

But this mole is now triangular, raised and kind of flaky, almost scabby. And it had dark, almost black points near the center.

I went to make an appointment with the dermatologist he saw years ago, but of course he has changed jobs and insurance companies, and she is not covered by our insurance. So I've gotten to spend a day and a half tracking down recommendations for dermatologists and trying to get him an appointment without too long a wait.

It looked like he was going to have to wait until Nov. 5 to get in with anyone covered by our insurance, but apparently I did a good job sounding like a worried wife because I finally got a call back that when the nurse passed my description on to one of the dermatologists in the practice, they found time to squeeze him in next Friday.

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