Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Another Typical Day

Just another day that lasted far longer than my energy ...

I gotta say that this every-other-day thing -- with Ellie having Tuesday and Thursday off school this week -- is killing me.

I feel like I can't get enough down time to "recover" between times that she and Scott are home all day.

And I'm looking at a killer weekend too. Ellie has gymnastics Saturday morning, which it looks likely that I will miss yet again, then a birthday party that afternoon that I really wanted to attend. Then on Sunday is an open house at Catlin Gabel, the private school we are applying to for Ellie for next year. (Not that we can afford it. We have a fantasy that we'll receive financial aid, or win the lottery, or something. But after visiting Catlin last year and spending hours on their website looking at the curriculum, we can't help but shoot for the moon when we look at potential schools for our only child.)

I can't miss the open house. It's really important that we meet the admissions folks and show them how interested we are in Catlin. Although it's all moot if I can't find the energy to finish the essay questions we need to turn in ...


I don't know how I'm going to get through the next few days. Think positive for me, OK?

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