Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Knee ...

The good news is that my ankle is doing much better. It still hurts if I point my toes or rotate my ankle, but not when I put weight on it.

The problem, however, is my knee. It has mellowed in that it isn't excruciating when I keep it elevated. That's an improvement.

Unfortunately, as soon as I get upright, and more so when I put my weight on it, it hurts like hell.


Scott says I probably should go back to the ER or an urgent care tomorrow, or I can wait and see my internist asap next week. I'm leaning toward urgent care tomorrow, at least to rule out something major. And I've got an appointment scheduled already with my internist on Thursday, so I'll have follow-up no matter what.

Meanwhile, I'm so grateful that Scott and Ellie cut their Thanksgiving weekend plans short and came home this afternoon.

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