Saturday, November 22, 2008

No More Provigil :(

I guess I forgot to mention in my update about yesterday's doctor visit that I can no longer take Provigil. :(

I've had increasing reactions to it, and after my Halloween experience, where I became blotchy red and my skin burned, I spoke to my pharmacist, who agreed it could be a drug reaction and told me not to take it until I spoke to my doctor about it.

Well, I meant to discuss it when I saw my internist a couple weeks ago, but we started talking about our kids and I got distracted and forgot about it until I'd left. So this time I wrote myself a laundry list of what I needed to discuss with her, and the Provigil reaction was at the top.

She agreed that it sounded an awful lot like a drug reaction and agreed with the pharmacist that I probably shouldn't take anymore. Dang it.

Not that it was "The Answer" for me or anything, but it was nice to have a way to get a boost of energy when I really wanted to participate in Ellie's life more actively. (Well, OK, I want that every day, but the Provigil made it possible for me to be more active on important days.)


Meanwhile, I haven't again had the intense vertigo and over-drugged feeling that I had Thursday night. But I have been trying to cut back my dosages of painkillers, which unfortunately meant I had a really lousy day today.


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