Friday, May 22, 2009

Here We Go Again!

Funny how quickly we forget.

I remember now why it was a bad idea to take Prednisone in the evening. My internist wanted me to start on it in an effort to kill the sinus infection I've had for weeks now. It hadn't ever gone away after the cold/flu bug I started in late April, but it flared up with a fever and worsening symptoms this week so I decided it was definitely time to do something about it.

So I'm back on my favorite antibiotic -- Avelox -- and 40 mg per day of Prednisone on a decreasing dose.

I have the shakes back and the jitteriness that Prednisone always gives me. And oh, did it make sleeping last night challenging. I know I was dozing at periods because sometimes the time went faster than it seemed like it had, but I swear I was awake last night more than I was asleep.

But I think the steroids might be helping my joint pain. I'm afraid to jinx it by writing or talking about it, and really, it might just be that my brain is so focused on my sinus infection that it's not processing the joint pain, which will come back in force once I shake the infection. But maybe not. Maybe I'm finally responding to corticosteroids the way I'm supposed to. Wouldn't that be nice? :)

This afternoon I have to go to the hospital's pre-admission clinic to fill out paperwork and get some labs done for my June 4 procedure. Then I go see my OB for my pre-op appointment.

I hope y'all have a lovely long weekend!


Shiri said...

Feel better! Thanks for the note before. Was just worried. I hate steroids, but maybe its good its doing something? And good luck with the surgery!

Carla said...

Aviva, I hope you are feeling much better soon and that the joint pains stay away! Thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog too :) Good luck with your appointments, I'll be thinking of you :)

Miss Waxie aka A Comic Life, Indeed said...

Oooh dear!

I hope the steroids work as they should - and that you get off them quickly! I'll be thinking about you!!

- Miss Waxie

Aviva said...

Thanks you guys!!

Would you believe I just finished my antibiotics and I woke up this morning with yet another cold starting in my throat? Unbelievable. I think I've had back-to-back colds all spring. :-(

I just keep telling myself that it could be much worse and I need to appreciate that it isn't! (And I'm crossing my fingers that it either goes away or doesn't progress to the point that I have to reschedule my GYN procedure.)