Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Weird Rash Thing

So, you might remember that I took a tumble on Thanksgiving Day and messed up my right knee pretty badly in a superficial way. I had a nasty wound that went deeper than I realized at first. It took ages to heal but finally did, leaving a red scar.

Then I noticed a funny white bump: something hard underneath the skin on the edge of the scar. I assumed it was a clogged pore and would eventually clear itself. Instead, I got more of them.

They cluster in weird ways. The group at the top of the photo (which is the bottom of my knee) has at least 10 of the little white bumps. The other ones you can see in the photo are groups of at least two or three.

So far, all the doctors I've shown it to are fascinated and looking forward to finding out exactly what it is. I see the dermatologist on Wednesday and assume she will biopsy it, and we'll some answers about that, at least.

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