Saturday, June 27, 2009

Medical Update

Seems like I've seen a ton of doctors lately, and I don't think I've updated on all of them. So here's a little roundup of what my most recent medical stuff has been:

  • Dermatologist: Biopsy of weird white bumps on knee scar came back as secondary milia, pretty much the best possible result.
  • Cardiologist: Follow-up visit on 6/22 was pretty normal. Residents apparently persuaded cardiologist to recommend a heart monitor that I will wear for a week to see what (if anything) is happening heart-wise when I faint and/or feel close to fainting. (I have far more close calls than actual loss of consciousness.)
  • Hematologist: Blood drawn June 19. Called to check on results June 24. Nurse said doctor had to sign off on results but "they confirm your blood is thin." The remainder of the tests he ordered were various autoimmune coagulation tests, which she described as "pretty esoteric" and said she couldn't interpret them. Had hoped to get call from doc yesterday, but no such luck. Hopefully next week.
  • Internist: Visited 6/23 with long list of things to discuss, including increased joint pain, fatigue and return of hair loss. She ordered more blood work, including cortisol test, thyroid, and iron levels.
  • Neurologist: Playing phone tag but she left voice mail that EEG was normal and lumbar puncture did not show O-bands, which would have been a sign of multiple sclerosis. Only 50 percent of MS patients have O-bands in their spinal fluid, so it doesn't entirely rule out MS, but she's not leaning towards thinking that's my mystery illness. I'm scheduled to see her again at the end of July.
Phew. That's a lot of stuff!

I got distracted and failed to call the hospital to set up an appointment to get the heart monitor. I'll have to call on Monday and see when they want to do that.


Herrad said...

Hi Aviva,

You seem to have been through alot recently with all those doctors appointments and blood tests and being examined by all of them.

Hope you hear something useful ro you soon.

In the meantime hope you can take it easy.
Have a good weekend.

SRR said...

I'm sending positive thoughts your way, and hoping that you will soon have a diagnosis, AND TREATMENT, for your mystery malady.

Aviva said...

Hi Herrad,

Thanks so much for the sweet note! I have to say, June was a crazy month with way too many doctor appointments!!

Here's hoping July is better for both of us!

take care,


Aviva said...

SRR: Thank you!!! You definitely got the magic wish down perfectly -- a diagnosis AND TREATMENT is exactly what I desperately want!!