Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The End of NaBloPoMo ... Until Next Year

I can't believe I did the whole thing!

Today is Nov. 30, and this is the 30th day in a row I've managed to post. Clearly some were better than others, but I met the challenge. Whew! 

Meanwhile, please take a look over at The Queen of Optimism for the latest call for submissions for the next Patients For A Moment blog carnival. She's looking for posts on your must-have list of supplies, tools or other items that help you make it through your life with whatever type of chronic illness or level of disability you may have. Not the more nebulous things like love, support from friends and family, an optimistic spirit. But those real, physical things that help you get through the day. Submissions are due by the end of Sunday, Dec. 5. 

I'm working on my submission. Why don't you work on yours, too? :-)

Oh, and if you're inspired to do daily blogging, for the fun or the challenge or whatever, you can sign up here to do it for December. As for me, I think one month a year is about all I can manage!


Queen of Optimism said...

Congratulations! An interating dynamic happens as a reader of your blog during NaBloPoMo. I love reading your daily posts. I can't keep up necessarily so I don't comment the way I want to. now I feel like i need to catch up and go back and reply.

Whoo, NaBloPoMo is exhausting for everyone. ;)

Way to go! I really enjoyed my daily SM! Thank you for that!!!

Aviva said...

Aw, Q, thanks for your sweet words! And I know you really mean them, which makes me <3 you all the more!! xoxoxo right back at you!!