Friday, November 5, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I'm only about halfway through the book, but I strongly recommend Melanie Thernstrom's The Pain Chronicles: Cures, Myths, Mysteries, Prayers, Diaries, Brain scans, Healing, & the Science of Suffering. It's fascinating -- the research Thernstrom did for this book was extensive, but it's well written and doesn't get bogged down. I got it from the public library, but I'm putting it on my wish list to buy my own copy because it really is that good.

A blog, written from the point of view of a preschooler (but really by a mommy friend of a friend), should be required reading for every parent or even every person who knows or ever was a kid. Yep, it's that good! The blog is Bedtimes Are For Suckers, but the post that drew me in was this Preventing Temper Tantrums In Parents.Wherever you start, be prepared to read back through the archives, and remember: Laughter is good medicine and has been documented as offering pain relief. 

My other favorite humor-based blogs, in random order and undoubtedly forgetting the best ones, include Cake Wrecks, Over-Caffeinated Dad, Tales From the Serenity Now Hospital, Suburban Matron, Regretsy and You Suck At Craigslist. I'll warn you upfront -- the humor is mostly of the snarky variety. But hey, for every giggle, that's a little longer between pain meds for me, so it's all good, imo. (If there's other ones that you think should be on my list, please give me links in the comments section! I love discovering new-to-me funny blogs!)

I love free stuff. Doesn't everyone? I'm almost hesitant to share my favorite source of freebies because the more people that know about Hey, It's Free! means the more competition for getting the freebies before they run out! I do try to be good and only sign up for the freebies I really think I will use. Some of my favorites are magazine subscriptions. I got full year subscriptions to OK! Magazine and Bloomberg's Businessweek, both weeklies! (I have to admit that I'm not loving OK! Magazine, which comes no where close to the quality of People or Entertainment Weekly and seems to focus mostly on reality tv "celebs". But Businessweek? I thought I'd only be interested in the feature-y articles near the back, but I find myself reading it from cover to cover! :-)

Autumn colors. I love the fact that the leaves are changing and approaching their peak prettiness. I'm also grateful for the cooler temps, and even the rainy season that lasts slightly more than half the year here in Portland, Oregon.

What are some of your favorite things these days?

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