Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mostly Good Stuff, But Rather Rambling

I'm beyond tired right now, so please forgive me for giving brief summaries. Firefox crashed on me after I wrote long responses to comments, so please forgive me for not getting to that either because I'm just too tired to re-type and I don't think Firefox will have saved them for me. :-(

I made it to the Winterhawks game Sunday night with Scott & Ellie, and ended up wishing I'd let someone else have my ticket. While it was cool to visit Scott's employer's skybox at the Rose Garden, the noise levels were overwhelming and left me with a killer headache. I held out as long as I could by leaving the box, which felt crowded, and sitting in the hallway. But even after I closed a bunch of other skybox doors, it was really loud in the hallway too (although much less than in the skybox) and it meant I was sitting right next to the door to the balcony where people go to smoke. That door was closed, too, of course, but made it smoky smelling (and cold) everytime someone went in or out. (Off-topic: I was amazed at the number of people who couldn't go a couple hours without a cigarette, even when smoking meant having to stand outside where there was no where to get out of the wind. They all cringed as they opened the door to go out, but no one turned back without getting at least a quick smoke in. I clearly have never been addicted to anything, because I couldn't imagine what would persuade me to go out there for 5-10 minutes with an inadequate coat, as almost all of them had.)

I did have to ask Scott and Ellie to leave before the game was over, but it was actually good timing because we got home at 7 p.m., which is the start of the bedtime routine and something we don't like to mess up on school nights if we don't have to.

We took Ellie to the pediatric urologist we were referred to, and we're going to keep a "voiding log" over the holiday weekend so we can more accurately tell him how frequently she's urinating. He doesn't think she has a tethered cord or other neurological problem, but he does think the problem is at least partly physical. Can't remember the name he had for it and the papers he gave me about it are in the car, so I'll share when I get a chance. We're considering skipping the pediatric neurosurgeon, but still have to discuss it farther. 

We also had our first "real school" parent-teacher conference on Monday, and heard almost entirely good things. The things that weren't entirely glowing were, of course, things we were already aware of and mostly require the teachers to be aware of Ellie's personality and how it affects her responses to them. We got some confirmations on things we suspected too. :-)

And that's about it. Please cross your fingers for me that the weather doesn't keep me housebound. I may have some fears of my first root canal, but I'm so ready to have that tooth stop hurting so much that I'll be frustrated if I can't make my Tuesday appointment!

Ellie is officially out of school all week, but we'd like her to be able to attend the vacation day program we've paid for and not lose it to a snow day. It's a particularly good one with the kids going to the Portland Children's Museum. We don't currently have a membership there, so it's extra special fun when she gets to go.

I hope all of you are having a good Monday!

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WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Glad the urologist doesn't think it is a neurological problem, although not happy it is probably something just as complicated...

Rest well, hoping you don't get snowed in!!! Tornados flew through here last night but never touched down....