Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Root Canal Done, Holiday Weekend Ahead

I learned a key lesson at the endodontist on Tuesday: I need to remember to ask medical types to explain the nitty-gritty of procedures I'm unfamiliar with. 

I knew the essentials involved in a root canal, but I didn't know that it would involve a dental dam and a doohickey that, while smaller than a bite block, still forced me to keep my mouth farther open for more an hour that I'd expected. It's tiring and painful, and I wish he had explained those things to me ahead of time. 

Other than the dental dam that didn't allow for me to fully rest my jaw at any point, it wasn't really any different than having regular dental work done. So far, I still feel like I have an achy tooth, but that's most likely just the collateral damage that all dental work creates: inflammation, sore muscles, etc. So now I just have to wait, let it all calm down, and then have the permanent crown put in place of the temporary one.

Meanwhile, although we have an unusual dusting of snow and it's way colder than normal for a Portland November, Ellie got her field trip and I made it to my appointment. That means life is good, right?


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Sherril said...

Not all endodonists use the thing that keeps your mouth open. Mine didn't, and allowed me to rest my jaw frequently. He had probably been read the riot act by my dentist, who is the best ever. And I've seen A LOT of dentists.

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend.