Monday, April 4, 2011


WEGO Health issued a challenge to bloggers to post daily in the month of April using their idea prompts. I'm late to the party, and probably won't manage the 30 posts anyway, but figured what the heck, it doesn't hurt to do the ones that appeal. :-) The first prompt was to create an acrostic of a word based on your health condition. I chose the word "mystery" for my mystery illness. Although truly, I could probably do 30 days' worth of posts just doing acrostics for the various health issues I have.

My symptoms keep growing, but no answers come
Year after year has gone by since this mystery started.
Sometimes I feel hopeless that there will ever be a cure for me
Though I try to keep a positive focus, counting my many blessings.
Every time I see a new doctor or have a new test, I get my hopes up again.
Results don't seem to follow, though.
You (my blog readers) help give me the strength to keep slogging through.



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Anonymous said...

Big HUGS to you.

I've been there when tests have been done and everything that was being considered is ruled out. I was even called an enigma at one point. Not what you want to hear from a doctor. Although I've been told the ear is causing the balance problem, that was the best the ENT tell me what the cause is and then he told me to try and find a quality of life.

Except for the rare times, I usually can't even be proactive, which is what we all want. We all want to know what is happening to us and to do something to make us better.