Thursday, October 18, 2012

So Many Blog Posts Not Getting Posted

I've been meaning to post. I've even started writing at least a dozen posts that are stuck in my drafts folder here.

I didn't even get a post out to mark the fifth anniversary (Oct. 14) of my blog. 

We've had a bug in the house that seems to be settling in for the long term. Started sometime in August after some friends visited, and every time we think we're done with it, it pops its head back up like a Whack-a-Mole game.

For me, it's turned into bilateral pneumonia, which kind of puts a damper on everything since I'm silly about things like being able to breathe. So far, luckily, it's only been bad colds for Scott & Ellie, and I'm hopeful neither of them will develop anything worse.

On the upside, I'm on a high enough dose of Prednisone that my hands don't hurt right now, which is huge. :) But not likely to last beyond the end of the course of meds.

Anyway, I'm still here, and I hope y'all are too even though I've been MIA for a couple months. :-/

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