Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Blog 365

So, the most observant among my readers may have noticed a new badge in the side column below my profile.

I've signed up for the Blog365 challenge, vowing to post each day for 2008 in either of my two blogs. We'll see if I'm up to that challenge! I figure I managed it for the month of November, and it was a worthy goal even if I end up missing a day here and there.

Hopefully, I won't resort to too boring of items to write about. But I'm sure there will be days like today when I'm not up to too much.


I had my second acupuncture appointment today. I really like my acupuncturist, but I haven't really noticed any improvement yet. Time will tell. Abby tells me that I should notice improvement within 3-5 sessions, and I'm going weekly so it should kick in soon.

If nothing else, it's very relaxing to lie on the massage table with the needles in, listening to relaxing music. I was so tired today that I almost dozed off.


Scott and Ellie went back to school/work today, which was a relief for me but a bit traumatic for Ellie, who was home for 12 days and got out of the routine of going to school. It sounds like she had a rather rough day. Hopefully, she'll settle in soon. It's ironic that after months of talking about wanting to go to preschool, now that they moved her up to the preschool class (for 3-year-olds), she wants to be back with her old teacher. They're transitioning her between classes, but she refused to use the potty at all with the new teacher.


~RaenWa~ said...

I was thinking of trying acupuncture but I hate needles lol its your blog if you want to be boring its your right lol not every day will be an exciting day I hope your daughter adjusts soon

Melody said...

Shouldn't it be Blog 366 this year?