Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Is No News Really Good News?

I saw my internist today, but mostly I was just updating her on what happened when I saw the new rheumatologist last week and asking for a new prescription for my pain meds.

(What's up with the federal law that requires you to have a paper prescription for a certain level of narcotics? I can understand why they might not want to accept phone-ins for pain meds, but why can't the doctor's office fax their prescription in? If it was absolutely necessary, the pharmacy could even call the office to verify the prescription was legit. But it's ridiculous to need a paper prescription every 10-14 days, when my meds run out.)

No noticeable improvement, either from the acupuncture or the new meds. Waiting and hoping.


I'm trying not to stress about the birthday party we're throwing for Ellie this weekend. It will actually be a slightly smaller party than we've previously had, thanks partly to the 3-day weekend and partly to holding it in the afternoon when some of her friends still take naps.

But it's still about 50ish people, ranging in age from newborn to 60-something, possibly a little older depending on whether some of the folks who haven't rsvp'd show up but I'm assuming they would have let us know if they were coming.

We're not having it at the house -- I'm not that crazy! :) But even doing it at the community center, where we have just a little bit of setup to do and none of the cleanup, it's going to be two hours of sensory overload for me.

We thought pretty seriously about not having a party this year. But I made the reservation back in November, when it seemed like I had to be better by late January, right? And now of course it's much too late to cancel. And we did think it was important for Ellie's sake to keep things as normal as possible. And back in November, it sounded like something that would cheer me up. Now it seems like it's more likely to be overwhelming.

But I did plan ahead and asked a couple friends who don't have children (and therefore won't be distracted by needing to keep an eye on their own kids) to be my designated hosts. They're going to come a little early and help organize the setup, and while the party is going, they'll float around and take photos of everyone and hopefully encourage the kids to make wild and messy art. (And a couple other folks have promised to take photos too.)

I figure I'll probably spend most of the party (if I'm smart) sitting in a corner and watching, and trying not to chat too much (because that always wears me out). And I suspect that once we get home, I'll be heading directly to bed! And I've promised myself that this year, at least, people will understand if it takes me more than a few days to get all the thank-you notes out.

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~RaenWa~ said...

I hope Ellie has a very Happy Birthday & a nie party this weekend its great that you have people who can help out with the things you need so you can relax and not over do it you would think as badly as you need that medication they would find a way to work with you so you don't always have to go there to get a paper prescription it makes no sense