Friday, January 25, 2008

Making Choices

So I ended up not going to class yesterday.

I emailed one of the class leaders (and my buddy) early Thursday morning to tell them about how Wednesday went astray from my plans and that I was heading back to bed and didn't know if I'd make it to class.

Since I didn't wake up until 1:30 p.m., well, I didn't make it to class. (Which started at 1 p.m.)

And I don't know if that was the right choice to make. Part of the purpose of this class, as I see it, is to encourage us to stretch our boundaries a little and hopefully learn more endurance. I wonder if that's the reason the class is the 2.5 hours, which feels like forever to some of us in the class.

But I recognized how I felt after Wednesday and losing my day to recover from the visit to the rheumatologist, and then I looked ahead to knowing that Scott and Ellie were going to be home Friday through Sunday. And I decided I really needed my day of rest and relaxation.

Of course, I didn't maximize it because I had to make a pharmacy run (that really should have been done Wednesday) for more Salsalate. The rheumatologist had warned me that he was putting me on a higher-than-normal dosage and the pharmacist would likely question it, but I didn't realize that meant I would have to sit there and wait while they called the doctor's office and waited for a call back to confirm that yes, he wanted me to take three 750mg tablets twice a day.

Ugh. (On the positive side, I finally found chewable ibuprofin for kids under age 6. Ellie refuses liquid meds these days and I was frustrated that the only kids chewable ibuprofin I could find was marked for kids 6-11 and weighing a lot more than Ellie. But Motrin decided to release some that's marked for kids ages 2-11 now, which is awesome.)

So did I make the right choice skipping the class? Should I have pushed myself to go? Maybe if I pushed myself more often, I would increase my endurance and my functionality would improve too?

Scott did a double take when he got home Thursday evening and said, "Wow, you look pretty chipper for a class night." And of course I had to admit that I hadn't been to class. :)

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