Friday, February 15, 2008

The Slippery Slope

Things are seeming awfully familiar as my aches and pains come back.

It's funny that they don't all come back at once, and they're returning pretty much in the same order that they started in. First my chest pain started again, but I blamed it on the lingering cough I have from the bronchitis of a couple weeks ago.

Then my hands and wrists started hurting. I tried blaming that on the valentines I had to help Ellie with for her class at school and the birthday party thank you notes that I'm still slowly working on.

They've all been getting worse, and tonight at dinner I noticed that my elbows are tender if I put them on the table again. (I know, it's rude to put your elbows on the dinner table! What can I say? My manners are imperfect. :)

And I'm again waking up in the night frequently because I get too achy being in one position for very long.

And the fatigue has been building all week long. I'm not (yet?) as bad as I was at my worst, but I'm sad that I seem to be headed back in that direction. :(

On a positive note, my hearing has improved as my ear infection clears up. (And the acupuncture has been noticeably helpful in dealing with the feeling of fullness in my ears that I'm assuming is the fluid build up my doc saw last week.) But I'm having more frequent tinnitus and it's still not where it was before the Salsalate.

I didn't have tinnitis at all before the Salsalate, so I sort of blame it on that although I guess the ENT will tell me next week if it's related to the ear infections or the meds.

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