Saturday, February 9, 2008

Still Trying To Shake This Ear Infection!

My ear infections are still so lousy that it's hard to know exactly how bad my hearing is these days.

Actually, I guess I don't know for sure that there's still an active infection going on since it's been a few days since my internist peered in at 'em, but they're definitely still full of fluid and affecting my balance as well as my hearing.

I've got a new antibiotic waiting for me at the pharmacy, which my internist hopes will help clear the ears. I learned something new when she was telling me about it -- apparently ear infections are considered upper respiratory infections. I know the ears and nose and all that are all connected, but I don't think of my ears as having anything to do with my ability to breathe. It sounds like some kind of Yoga thing to be able to breathe through your ears. :)

So hopefully I'll get those picked up tomorrow and started on, and then we'll see exactly where my hearing is these days after cutting out the Salsalate.

I also still have a killer sore throat, but after two negative throat cultures, my internist said current research suggests that many of these lingering sore throats are actually fungal infections so I'm going to try some antifungal meds for that too. You take it once a week for four weeks, and I figure that even if it isn't a fungal infection, it ought to be better after four more weeks!

Plus, I'm increasing my acupuncture to twice a week starting next week, so hopefully I'll start seeing more of an improvement from that too.

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