Friday, June 27, 2008

Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Take 2

So I mentioned awhile back that I had bought a memory foam mattress topper for our king-sized bed in the hopes that it would make sleep a little easier and more comfortable for me by eliminating the pain I get from pressure points.

The first night was awesome -- absolutely no pain in my shoulders and hips from lying (with extra pillows for support) on my sides.

Unfortunately, after a little over a month of sleeping on it, I can't say that has held up. I still find it painful to fall asleep on my side because of the pain caused by pressure on my shoulder and hip (which don't typically hurt me during the course of the day).

But it is more comfortable than sleeping on the mattress alone, so for that I'm glad that I got it. Anything that improves the quality of my sleep these days is worth every penny, and I think I wake less frequently now than I did sleeping on the bare (pillow-top) mattress.

Scott, my husband, hasn't raved about the memory foam either, but he also hasn't complained about it, which is good.

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Anonymous said...

I love my memory foam mattress! I've been thinking about getting a topper for it for quite some time, and if you say that it increases comfort, I might just go out and buy one. I've been suffering from back problems for a few years now and this mattress has really helped out.