Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Toy

So I have a new toy -- a Gateway laptop that I'm still learning to use.

I'm hoping that being able to be online from places other than my desk, where I tire quickly, will help me feel like I can stay more connected. We'll see!

I had some money set aside from my AP days (my credit union account) that we've declared my education funds. I don't know that I'll manage to start taking classes in the fall like I hoped, but a laptop is going to be essential no matter when I start.

And this one was a bargain, although I still need to get a copy of Microsoft Office to run on it. (Boy do I miss having a friend at Microsoft willing to get me software at the company store! The last I got was Office Professional 2003 -- the full version -- for $40. I don't think I'm going to be able to manage that this time!! :)

Anyway, with luck, I'll be able to post more frequently here.

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Sherril said...

You can take classes online, too... they have whole degrees you can get online. And there's that Chronic Illness Initiative at DePaul U.,

So far they only have undergraduate degrees available online.