Monday, November 24, 2008

Somethings Never Change ...

I have a new friend who moved to Portland over the summer and is still acclimating to the area, so we talk on the phone pretty regularly.

And apparently, we talk pretty frequently on Mondays because for the past two weeks, he has called and asked how I was doing, and I replied something along the lines of, "Well, you know, it's a Monday, and Mondays are never good days."

Which pretty much is true.

Today, he said he needs to stop asking me that question (at least on Mondays), and I had to agree.

So, a little medical update, since I got a call I wasn't expecting from my internist about the blood tests they had drawn on Friday. The biggie is that my thyroid levels have apparently freaked out, and were up to an 8. My endocrinologist likes to keep it somewhere between 1 and 2. Anything over 5 is abnormal. I've had hypothyroidism for at least a decade, so although my meds have needed to be tweaked periodically, I don't think it's been this bad since I started taking medication for it. (I think when I was first tested 10 years ago or so, my initial level was 11.5 and my doc waited six months before putting me on meds in hopes it would regulate itself.)

So she called in a prescription for that for me.

But the odder test result was in my liver function tests, where my ALT level was elevated. Not substantially, but still a bit perplexing. I had some problems with my liver in my youth, so I'm a little paranoid about it, I guess. Essentially, they're going to monitor my liver functions for awhile and see if it's a fluke or if it gets any worse. She said it would be more troubling if the other liver function tests she ran were also elevated.

So it's probably nothing more than yet another red herring in my search for a diagnose, treatment and cure. :)

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