Friday, May 29, 2009

An Addendum or Clarification

After reading yesterday's blog post, Scott reminded me today that when my odd little episode happened, it was actually somewhat bilateral at first. Initially, I could move my left leg semi-normally, but both arms were almost impossible to lift. I think my right arm could get just a couple inches at first, but my left could reach a bit farther initially and full motion came back much faster on the left than the right.

He said that if he had understood how asymmetric my symptoms were as they settled in, he would have ignored my telling him not to call 9-1-1.


I have a crazy medical appointment week ahead next week.

Monday: EEG at neurologist's office
Tuesday: Semi-annual dental checkup (Here's hoping for no cavities!)
Wednesday: Dermatologist appointment (I keep meaning to try to take a photo of my knee so y'all can see the weird mini cysts I have on the scar from my Thanksgiving Day fall.)
Thursday: My minor surgical procedure (D&C and endometrial ablation)
Friday: Recovery from Thursday

Yes, I am single-handedly supporting the Portland, Ore., medical community. And I'm not even dealing with the things that seem less important, like my sinuses that the ENT insists need surgery and the allergy testing my immunologist has been asking to do.

(The immunologist wants confirmation that I have serious allergies because then he won't feel concerned about my high eosinophil levels. I keep telling him to just take my word for it that I have serious, year-round, major allergies. I don't need testing to confirm that, although it might be interesting to see if I've picked up any new ones in the past decade or so since the last time I got tested.)



Laurie said...

Hey Aviva,

Sorry to hear about this most recent iteration of your mystery illness. I hope the long week of appts brings some light on at least part of this!

As someone who once walked herself to the on-campus hospital--only to be put into a trauma room--I can relate. Making the 911/emergency call is not easy, especially when we can rationalize things so well...

(PS--I am sure this ground has been well-covered by your docs, but your adrenal levels are normal, yes?)

Aviva said...

Hi Laurie,

Thanks for your comment! I appreciate not being the only one who fails to call 9-1-1 when she should. :)

As for the adrenals -- actually, I'm not really sure they have been checked. I'll ask my internist when I see her next. What's the test name for adrenal levels? I know I read up on them at one point early on in my illness, and didn't think it sounded like me other than the fatigue. But things have definitely changed over the two years since i got sick, so who knows?