Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Cake Fairy

I ended up with several invitations for the holiday weekend -- two for Thanksgiving and one for a Shabbat dinner.

I regretfully declined all of them due to my fatigue and feeling yucky.  (On top of my current flare, I'm running a slightly higher fever than my norm and have some cold symptoms yet again.)

So what happens but a friend came by on Black Friday and brought me a piece of leftover cake from her Thanksgiving dinner. Dessert, after all, is (one of) my favorite part(s) of holiday meals.

A little company was nice. The cake was delicious.

Other than that, the most interesting thing that happened since my last post is that my left thumb is noticeable swollen over the joint. Not a huge amount, but noticeable when I put my thumbs next to each other. (I'd post a photo, but Scott has the camera so he can catch everything I'd want to see so I feel like I was there when I see the photos.)

I did my share of spending also, although I definitely wasn't standing in any Black Friday lines! (So, what kicks off the holiday shopping season in Canada since they celebrate their Thanksgiving in October? Is it Black Friday everywhere, or just in the U.S.?) 

I ordered our holiday cards from Costco, and also got some other cool stuff that I'd describe but don't want to ruin the surprise for the recipients. :-) I'm hoping they think it's pretty cool, though, and I'll let y'all know what it was after the holidays if anyone's curious.

I'm a little worried about our kitty, who hasn't been eating much while Scott & Ellie have been gone. Her eyes, which have chronic infections, are looking worse again, but the good news is she has an appointment at the kitty ophthalmologist (!) on Monday so hopefully we'll get it under control.

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