Monday, November 16, 2009


Sorry there wasn't a post this a.m. I've been writing a day ahead and scheduling it to post just after midnight. Figured that meant when I had a really bad day, I had extra time while still posting daily to the blog for NaBloPoMo

Yesterday was the open house at Catlin Gabel for the middle and upper schools. Yeah, Ellie is only going into kindergarten, but we figure if we're applying to K-12 schools, we want to be confident that we like the upper grades as much as we do the lower grades. Of course, this is the third year we've gone to these open houses, so we pretty much know that we'd be thrilled to send our daughter there. But we learn new things each time we go. 

After that, I was so worn out that I was asleep for the night by 8 p.m. Life would have been a bit better if I could have stayed in bed today, recovering. But I had a doctor's appointment with my internist (who's referring me to a pain clinic and a psychologist -- possibly in the same place), followed by a meeting at an attorney's office for help with my Social Security disability claim. 

And now I'm pretty much brain fried and exhausted. But I still got my post done today! Thankfully, tomorrow is all about recuperating so no appointments or anything. 

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