Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Color Me Lucky

I think maybe I should buy a lottery ticket!

I keep my laptop in the kitchen on the counter since my most typical place to use it is in my recliner. 

Wednesday afternoon, I fumbled my laptop while picking it up off the counter and it fell, from waist high, to the hardwood floor. I shrieked and panicked, but my guardian angel must have been looking out for me because ... it seems to be fine! The only consequence I've noticed so far is that a lot of dust/dirt that must have been in the keyboard came out onto the screen. (It was screen side down on the floor when I picked it up.)

I suspect this means I ought to back it up now, just to be safe!!

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Anonymous said...

You are lucky! It sounds like you might want to get a can of air and clean your laptop though! Mine wasn't so lucky. I didn't drop it, I dropped a hot cup of herbal tea over it. The actual hard drive and internal electronics seemed to be fine, but it completely wrecked the screen :-(