Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's Thanksgiving, so it's only appropriate to list a few of the things I'm thankful for, right?

Here we go. Just a few of the things I'm extra grateful for today:

  • The support I get through this blog and the other online chronic illness communities I participate in.
  • Social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc), which allows me to reconnect with old friends and keep in touch with newer friends that I don't see very often since I got sick.
  • The Best Husband On Earth (tm), who rarely complains about the extra duties he's had to take on since I got sick.
  • A quiet, empty house over the long holiday weekend. (Scott & Ellie went to celebrate with my inlaws. I wasn't up for the trip or the socializing involved.)
  • That I was able to attend my daughter's preschool class "Thanksgiving feast" and the performance of two songs with lots of hand motions.
  • My amazing, beautiful and brilliant daughter, who was so pleased to see me at her school event on Wednesday. Sometimes I'm still in awe that I grew her in my belly!
  • That although my illness (and the need for full-time daycare for Ellie) has been challenging financially, we're not living on the edge like so many people with chronic illnesses are forced to live. 
  • NaBloPoMo is almost over. :-)
  • The support I receive from my extended family and family of choice.
I'm sure there's more. There's always more to be thankful for, isn't there? If nothing else, I'm glad my health isn't worse than it is. And I know there's much worse out there than what I'm dealing with!

Thanks for reading. Thank you for the responses some of you post here on my blog or email to me privately. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! 

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