Thursday, December 10, 2009


Before I got sick, I was seriously considering becoming a medical transcriptionist with the idea that I could do it from home and set my own hours (i.e. no need for daycare) while bringing in some money. A friend of mine had just finished an online course that I think lasted about a year and was really enjoying herself while doing it. 

It's not one of those jobs you get rich doing, but I'm not sure anything I'm drawn to is likely to make me rich, with the possible exception of Powerball, where I have what? A one in 100 million chance of winning? Yeah, I'm not counting on that for my retirement.

Anyway, I was tickled to get an email this week from someone at saying my blog had been chosen for their list of 100 inspiring blogs for people with chronic illness.

Then when I went and looked at the list, I felt very flattered at being included because so many of the blogs I read and admire were also listed. Anything that puts me in the same category as Laurie Edwards at A Chronic Dose and Jenni Prokopy of ChronicBabe is a huge honor as far as I'm concerned! 

And there are just so many other good ones over there, including many I hadn't yet come across. (I sent a note back including a few recommendations for additions to the list, too.) Go take a look!



Lisa said...

Congratulations!!!! How awesome!! No doubt that your blog is not only inspirational but informative and a complete joy to read. Thank you for sharing yourself - you add a lot to my life!!!

Aviva said...

You're so sweet! Thanks!

Of course, your blog was one of the ones I suggested she take a look at and consider adding to her list. Seriously. :-)

So right backatcha! :-) I feel exactly the same way about you and your blog. *hugs*

Laurie said...

So happy to see you there, Aviva! (And it's very much deserved!)