Friday, December 4, 2009

There Is Something To This NaBloPoMo Stuff

So although I didn't like feeling obligated to post to my blog every single day during November to participate in NaBloPoMo, it apparently did inspire me in a lot of ways.

While doing these daily posts:

  • I finished "parent questionnaires" from two of the four schools we're applying to for Ellie. (Four pages of writing each.)
  • I also managed to choose and find a somewhat creative way to "sign" photo holiday cards. (Of course, I figured out half a dozen little slogans for the card after it was officially ordered and couldn't be changed.)
  • I designed and wrote a holiday letter using software (Publisher) I'm not familiar with and browsed through the year's collection of Ellie photos (at least 1,000) to choose which ones to include in the letter.
  • I put a lot of work into creating some holiday gifts that I hope will delight Ellie's grandparents and aunts & uncles. (Which I'll tell y'all about after the holidays since some of them read this blog and I don't want to ruin the surprise. But I'm kind of proud of myself for thinking of it and
    managing to get it done, so I'll share it with y'all later. Or you can ask me privately and I'll answer if you're not going to be receiving one. :-)
Whew. Writing that all down, I'm rather proud of myself. I think I'll go pat myself on the back now! :-)

(Of course, there's a much longer list of the things I didn't get done (especially keeping up with email and comments here -- I appreciate every single one of them!!) but should have during November because I used energy on posting that I should have spent elsewhere. But I think it's worth it in many ways if only to show myself that there are still things I can and do manage to accomplish despite this mystery illness.)


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