Thursday, January 28, 2010

Go Vote!

The 2009 Medical Weblog Awards polls are open!

While Sick Momma wasn't nominated (much less a finalist!), there are some awesome blogs well worth voting for!

My particular favorites are The Queen of Optimism in the patient blog category (although there's some other very good ones there too ...) and Musings of a Distractible Mind in the medical blog category. (I'm so happy Dr. Rob is back to posting after a bit of a break!)

So go vote (for my favorites if you don't have favorites of your own :-), and check out the list of finalists to see if there are any new-to-you blogs you should be following!


queenofoptimism said...

Thank you for recommending me! I'm only a finalist thanks to the ever supportive Doctor D from And of course, your support keeps me posting! I feel unworthy but must admit that that it was a fun surprise. Many hugs!!!

Dr. Rob said...

I am glad you are glad I am back! Thanks for the recommendation! Are you gunning for a Golden Llama Award?? Pretty smart if you are.

Aviva said...

Q of O: Of course I'd recommend you! Your blog is one of a handful that I check every single day I'm online! The others I read when I can, but I'm usually catching up and reading a week or two at a time. After all, you're my chronic illness twin, aren't you? :-) Lately I feel like I'm following in your footsteps, what with the upcoming colonoscopy and all.

Aviva said...

Dr. Rob: I'm unworthy of a Golden Llama, but of course I dream every day of someday earning one. ;-)

Seriously though, you're a wonderful writer, both humorous and informative, and your blog makes me think you're the kind of doc I like best IRL as well as on the web. I really am delighted you're blogging again, and hope you never stop entirely.