Friday, January 22, 2010

Hmmm ... Another Good News/Bad News Kind of Day

I recently took advantage of a sales promotion and purchased a iPod Touch, which I've lusted after for just about forever. I think I'd strenuously disagree with anyone insisting that Apple products are completely intuitive. I've quickly found myself wishing for Microsoft's habit of supplying clues when you mouse over a symbol on the toolbars. I've actually had to Read The Manual (which of course I had to access online until I figured out how to download it to my Touch) to figure out stuff that should have been much simpler to figure out on my own.

After asking my friend/neighbor Joan what her favorite apps were, I installed LoseIt on my iPod. I'd been contemplating joining Weight Watchers Online so I could track my weight and my food intake conveniently, but this app was free and handles what I think I need to do. Cool, eh? I'm already saving $$$ thanks to my iPod. ;-)

Anyway, to start the app, it needed my starting weight. So I headed for the scale this morning, and was happy to discover one good result of this diverticulitis: I had lost at least five pounds!

The downside is I'm so bloated that pants that fit just fine a few weeks ago are feeling tight on my sore belly. :-( Sigh.

Meanwhile, I think I made a bad choice today by not calling my GI doctor. I was supposed to call him today (Friday) if I wasn't "noticeably better."

After spending Thursday from late afternoon until past bedtime with a higher-than-normal-for-me fever and major pain, I felt better when I woke up today. I've discovered in the past couple weeks, however, that really, if I sit still and don't move around much and don't eat much, I approach something close to comfortable.

But Ellie's birthday party is tomorrow, and while thankfully we're not having it in our house, there's still stuff to do to get ready for it.

Since I sleep so late, by the time I've been awake for awhile, it's getting into mid- to late afternoon (unless I have a doctor's appointment scheduled, for which I have to set an alarm if it's before 2 p.m.) and I have to make a relatively quick judgment on whether I want to put a call into any doctors.

And today, I guess I made the wrong decision, because right around 4 p.m., which is the cut-off for reaching the GI doc's assistant, and all calls go through her, I started to think well, maybe I wasn't actually improved from yesterday.

And by dinner time, I definitely had a fever despite Tylenol. Sigh. Should have called the doctor. At this point, the only choice is whether to go to the ER or wait until Monday. And I'm definitely not inclined to go to the ER the night before Ellie's birthday party.

Meanwhile, I will keep taking my two types of antibiotics. (You know things are messed up intestinally when you're on two strong antibiotics and you still don't have diarrhea.) And now that I've officially crossed the line and given TMI, I think I'll stop. :-)

I'm guessing that after Ellie's party, I'll be so exhausted I won't be online for at least a few days. But I'll try to post Monday and let y'all know how the weekend went.

Hope y'all have a good weekend!


queenofoptimism said...

**hugs*** enjoy your touch. You'll get used to it. I switch from mac to windows every day. Remember to be easy on yourself and take lots of Ellie birthday photos!!

p1nkg0dess said...

Just read your post--I'm a bit behind. Sorry to hear that despite all of the treatments, the nasty symptoms are continuing. I hope that over the weekend your body did some healing. I can definitely relate to the sleeping until afternoon (esp when under the weather), but needing to call the doctor (esp when under the weather) during business hours conundrum. I'm thinking of you and hoping that you were able to make the party and feel some relief!