Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How I Spent My Day

Some things are just so much harder than they ought to be. 

I spent essentially my entire functional period (and then some!) on Monday making phone calls and googling people to try to find a therapist who a) is in my mental health provider's apparently very limited network and b) seems like someone I'd be comfortable spending time with and discussing my personal life and situation. 

Seriously, all day, as far as I'm concerned. I started as soon as I made it downstairs, at 11:30 a.m. and finally finished with an appointment set up at a little past 3 p.m.

Mind you, this wasn't the first time I took a stab at it. I also tried several other times, starting about a month ago when I got authorization from our insurance company and a list of people they thought would fit my preferences.

After all that, I have an appointment scheduled on Thursday with someone who isn't quite sure she's a good fit for me, but hey, she called me back and she takes my insurance, including the "employee assistance program" benefits that will let me see someone six times with no co-pay. 

So one down, one to go. 

I still need to find an in-network therapist who specializes in kids for Ellie to see since we're not fully convinced that her bladder issues are physical and not behavioral somehow. Since we can't seem to get into her head, I'm hopeful that someone who really understands kids will be able to get into her head. 

Wish me luck on that one. 

The list of possibilities from the insurance company is even shorter than the one they offered for me, and of course the after-school appointment slots are what pretty much every parent chooses for their kid. Which means that so far, each one I've connected with (which is just two out of more than a dozen messages left) has only had slots available that would require me to take Ellie out of school for the appointments, something I'm not wiling to do on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, now I need to relax and rest up for the next thing on the list.

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