Thursday, December 2, 2010

Interesting NYT Article on Wii Fit

Happy Chanukah, everyone! 

I came across an article in the NYT about how Wii Fit* isn't such a good workout for young people, but can be good for the elderly who have balance issues and/or other health conditions.

But it made me think: The benefits for the elderly (which, btw, is a term that I was taught by an AP mentor never to use because no one, no matter how old, likes to be called elderly with its implications of frailty, disability and possible senility) of the games being "light-intensity exercise" that may be more than they're getting otherwise, and also the improvement in balance could be equally or more applicable to many people with chronic illnesses.

Plenty of people with various types of illnesses ranging from multiple sclerosis to dysautonomia to Meniere's disease and more have balance issues and/or are considered at serious risk of falling. Many others don't have the endurance or capability to go to a gym and/or do a "normal" workout. Maybe being able to play with a Wii would help people like me avoid further deconditioning as well as improving balance and endurance. 

Now if only I could get my insurance company to cover the expense of buying a Wii ... :-)

(Fyi, you may have to register at the New York Times' website to be able to read the article, but access is free once you register.)

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Amy K said...

I found this article interesting too! I was seriously hoping they would find it more beneficial. Actually, for people like myself, it certainly can't hurt. I use the Wii Fit, sporadically, to get myself moving and to incorporate more movement and activity in my day. I have just recently begun to do this. It feels good and it does feel like it has to be helping, especially a better alternative to doing nothing! I have been saddened greatly by the changes in my body, lack of muscle tone, weight gain, etc since developing fibromyalgia. I want to work to combat those effects and stave off any further progress in those areas. I am hoping the Wii will help. We were lucky to receive ours as a gift!