Monday, January 3, 2011

Are You A Patient or Medical Blogger? Consider Volunteering For PFAM in 2011!

School resumed today, which is a glorious thing. I'm hoping that by the time the weekend rolls around, with Ellie's birthday party scheduled, I might have a smidgen of energy again. 

I write often about the guilt I can't seem to get away from, and I know it's pretty much a universal theme for chronically ill moms (really, all moms!), and probably just about anyone. Rachael over at Glass of Win looking for submissions for the next edition of Patients For A Moment, and the theme is guilt. With luck, I'll manage to get a post written in time, otherwise I'll have another thing to feel guilty about ... If you blog, please consider exploring the topic and submitting a post to Rachael. 

Meanwhile, Leslie of Getting Closer To Myself is looking for more bloggers to volunteer to host an edition or two of PFAM in 2011. Take a look at her appeal for volunteers and consider offering to host. There's a lot of blog carnivals out there, but I truly believe that the people involved in hosting, submitting and wrangling this blog carnival are some of the nicest and most generous. I'll be hosting March 9, which I chose for its proximity to my birthday. :-) Leslie's goal for the year was to have a different host each edition -- there are eight editions spoken for so far, so only 18 more slots to choose from! Better get in touch with Leslie soon to get your dibs in! 

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Duby said...

Hey Momma,
I hope you were able to have some energy for Ellie's bday party ...

as for the guilt thing -- im not a mom but i can definitely relate.. the guilt over not having energy to make supper or do other housewifey things (aka laundry) ...
i hear ya sister!