Monday, February 28, 2011

Patients For A Moment: Call For Submissions: Guilty Pleasures

Guilt is a part of life, a bigger slice for some of us than others, but we all have things we feel guilty about. I have another post coming up about the more typical guilty feelings I have as a parent with chronic illness. 

But I'm hosting my favorite blog carnival, Patients For A Moment, on March 9, and I'd like to hear about people's guilty pleasures, the occasional good thing that comes out of being chronically ill. 

For me, I think my guilty pleasure is how much reading I'm able to do. I've always been a bookworm, and especially while I'm taking this break from pain meds, reading is my favorite distraction from much of the pain. Sometimes it hurts too much to hold a book, and my retention isn't what it used to be, but for the most part, it's a reliable way of escaping from my life and the way I'm feeling physically. 

I've never had as much time to read as I do these days. And if I ever get better, I'm probably going to miss being able to spend such a big chunk of my time with my nose in a book. 

And I do feel guilty sometimes about how much time I spend reading when there are things that need doing. It doesn't feel productive to be reading books for pleasure. And yet it's one thing, possibly the only thing, that being sick hasn't spoiled. 

What kind of guilty pleasures do you have that have resulted from your chronic illness? Did you get a hot tub to ease sore muscles/joints but use it more than necessary? Do you have someone come to clean your house and revel in the shiny kitchen and bathrooms that you didn't have to scrub? Big things, little things -- share them all, or just one.

To participate in the blog carnival, please send the following no later than midnight on Sunday, March 6 to me at

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And please don't forget to come back and read everyone's contribution on March 9!

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