Sunday, October 2, 2011

That Which Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger. Right?

Here I am again, apologizing for my lack of blogging. I wish I could say it was because I was feeling so great that I was out having fun and keeping busy. 

Nothing bad happened over the past month or so, but nothing especially good did either.

As usual, I'm just feeling like I'm hanging onto a cliff by my fingernails. 

Somehow, I thought this school year would be an easier start; it's first grade, not kindergarten. The Jewish holidays, with their requisite days with no school, started about a month into the year rather than the second week, like last year. 

And yet, somehow, it's been an exhausting whirlwind. Exhausting being the key word there. 

I made it to the Rosh Hashana kid service this year; I don't think I did last year. But it was all such a blur last year. As this year is becoming too. It all seemed (barely) doable until this past weekend, which was a four-day weekend for Ellie, who is on "restrictions" due to difficulties in being honest that snowballed into something major. Which meant close to no TV, no play dates, no special outings. It also meant having to find "work" for her to do as part of her consequences. Which, of course, is even more work for the parents. 

I don't think I've ever been so happy to have a Monday come around as I will be tomorrow. It means two full days of not having to leave home, of having the house to myself, of having quiet time to try to recuperate before another complicated weekend. 

Why is it that I never feel like I manage to catch up, to "recuperate"? But, like one of the songs I used to love from The Bad Examples, I'm "Not Dead Yet."

So I must be getting stronger, right?

Oh, and l'shana tovah to those who celebrate. Wishing all of you a sweet, happy and healthy new year!


Leslie said...

Happy and healthy New Year to you, too!

Duby said...

Shana Tova !!!!!

I know exactly what you mean about the holidays being a blur ...

may you be blessed with a year of health, strength and energy!