Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 28: Nearing The End!

The thing I love about NaBloPoMo is that it spurs me to write more frequently than I sometimes manage. The thing I hate about NaBloPoMo is the pressure to produce something, anything, every single day, whether I've got something meaningful to say or not. 

I had a relatively successful holiday weekend on my own and crossed a higher percentage of items off my While The Cats (Are) Away list than I expected: 

  • Ordered holiday cards
  • Tackled an area that's needed to be cleaned up (the small space between my side of the bed and my nightstand had collected way too many things that had slipped down there, and since the space is tight, it wasn't getting vacuumed either so it was mega dusty down there). 
  • Made significant progress on crafty holiday gifts (the problem being that the more I make, the better they come out and then I look at the early ones and declare them Not Good Enough, which makes it hard to feel like I'm ever done with them.
  • Got Ellie's teacher gifts prepped for her to do her part.
  • Made a dent in my laundry.
  • Did some holiday shopping online, including ordering a dress I hope will fit well and look good enough to wear to the school auction. (I'm a huge fan of Coldwater Creek but always thought their prices were too high; earlier this year, I discovered that they periodically have sales of 40-50 percent off everything, sometimes with free shipping; those prices make shopping in their clearance section really affordable. I've bought cardigans that were originally priced at over $150 for as little as $18.)
  • Did some reading, including speeding my way through the newly released sequel (Crossed) to a dystopian novel I'd really enjoyed (Matched by Ally Condie). Interesting, but not nearly as good as the first book (which seems to be typical in most trilogies that the middle book is rather mediocre compared to the first and last). Won't stop me from reading book #3 when it's released.
Plenty more things that need doing, especially since Ellie keeps reminding me that her birthday is just 23 days away, and that's coincidentally also the first day of Chanukah. Lots to do. And I'm kind of relieved to know that I won't have to find time and inspiration to blog daily starting in just a few days.

Meanwhile, a friend posted a YouTube video of what she says is her favorite Christmas song. I have to say that if there were more songs like this getting played in stores and on the radio, I might not get so grumpy about being inundated with Christmas music constantly for a month (or more!) in public places. I hope you like it too. :)

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