Thursday, November 10, 2011

How I Spent My Day Today

I had a badly needed "jammie day" today. Those are essentially days I stay home in my jammies all day. Which technically is the way I spend most of my days. But lately, I've had too much on my plate. 

Yesterday, I brought some donations for Ellie's school auction. I brought one of Scott's bowls, and a bunch of hair pretties that I made. I remembered that last year, the woman who runs the auction had told me that they don't like to get multiples of things because then there's less competition on the bidding. 

So I wasn't sure about bringing too many of my hair pretties, but I also figured they were a low price point and I know firsthand what it's like to attend a school auction and not be able to afford to bid on anything. 

What I didn't expect was that the women working on the auction would be so excited by them. Instead of saying I'd brought too many, they requested more of them. Which was pretty exciting for me. :)

And so today, I spend as much time as I could being crafty. And here's what I managed:

Each is attached to a matching elastic pony tail holder. I was kind of surprised but they want to sell them as matching pairs. Since each felt flower is 4 to 5 inches across, I personally can't imagine wearing them on pigtails. Especially since as pairs they'll be bigger than the heads of girls young to wear pigtails. But as Scott says, they can use the second one as a spare if the first gets lost.  

Ellie's brilliant contribution: She asked why I couldn't use three colors of felt. I hadn't thought to try that since the tutorial I saw only included two. But I did a "practice" roll-up of a trio of colors and thought, "Wow!" So all the ones I made today were for triple layers.

Meanwhile, I also got requests for my other kinds of flowers too. Luckily, I have more of those already made:

Ellie's contribution to this type was her insistence that they needed rhinestones in the centers. And every woman who passed through the school office while I was talking to the women who are organizing the auction donations commented on the "jewels". :) You can see one lonely kanzashi flower at the bottom of the photo. 

Btw, for anyone who wants to make the felt flowers, here's a link to the tutorial. As you can probably see, I didn't bother with the stamen. But they look great anyway, imho. :)


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