Monday, November 7, 2011

I Could DO Something With That

Scott and I have a favorite mantra that started out as a joke but I've found to be true way too often: "I could do something with that!" 

Of course, I also think that's how people become hoarders ...

Lately, I've been finding it kind of zen to fold fabric squares into flower petals. I picked up this cool fabric a few weeks ago; I don't even know what it's called, but it reminds me of a metallic tissue paper that just happens to be fabric and not paper. I love it.

To the point that I decided that hey, surely there's something I can do with the teensy scraps. So I started collecting them:

Aren't they pretty?
 Ellie likes just digging in the box. :)

What could I do with these snips of fabric? I've had some thought of using them as padding in boxes I ship the way some people use shredded paper. Wouldn't it be festive to open a box and find these pretty fabric confetti around a present?

I've also had some thought of suggesting Ellie use them for a mixed media collage of some sort. 

Any other ideas?



elisabeth said...

Glue or sew her a cape! It looks like peacock feathers- maybe use some for a crown as well!

Aviva said...

They're definitely too small to sew -- essentially corners off 2 to 3 inch squares -- but I can totally imagine glueing them onto a crown. And maybe something cape like too. Thanks! And yes, the colors are green blue and purple, so very peacock-ish. :)

I spotted these while waiting to have fabric cut at Joann's in someone else's cart. They were buying the green to use for a Halloween costume. I can't wait until this fabric goes on sale again so I can buy some more colors (and more of these too!). :)