Friday, November 4, 2011

Not the Day or Week I'd Planned

I feel like a record with a scratch that keeps repeating the same 10 seconds or so. 

And yet, there's clearly a lesson I keep banging my head against but don't seem to fully absorb. 

I make poor decisions and/or choices when I'm tired. It's like the closer I get to running empty, the more I try to force myself to do, even if I'm shaking with exhaustion.

We attended a funeral this morning, which was the second day in a row I had to wake up way too early. (Yesterday, I had to get up for the guy to clean our carpet, but then of course he came at the final few minutes of the "arrival window" I'd been given. Sigh.) 

On the way home, we stopped to solicit a donation for our daughter's school auction at a woodworker supply store (I wanted to go with Scott because I figured they'd be more likely to give a donation if they recognized the person asking. Or at least the husband of the person asking.). 

The afternoon was a blur thanks to my brain fog. But what stands out for me was when I found myself cutting fleece into scarf-sized pieces, and couldn't remember the chain of events that got me there, nor why I thought it was a good idea to do today. I mean, yes, if I'm going to get things prepped for Ellie to "make" scarves for teacher gifts for the holidays, I need to have things moving along. (How come helping a kid to make a teacher gift requires at least three times as much time and effort as simply making the gift myself?) 

But if I was going to force myself to be crafty on a day when I shouldn't have been handling sharp objects, there are other projects that are more pressing.

It's been a busier week than my body was ready for after our travels. I gave myself a little over a week to rest and do little else -- I even rescheduled two doctor appointments because there was no way I was going to make them on my own steam -- but then we had tickets to Pinkalicious: The Musical on the 29th, followed way too quickly by Halloween. And the week just snowballed, somehow. 

The lesson I seem to be having trouble learning is to pay attention to my body and stop, or at least slow down, when it's clear that I've overextended myself energy wise or am headed in that direction. Instead, it's almost like I decide subconsciously that, "Ooh! I'm clearly headed for being bed- and/or couch-bound again, so I better try to get as many things crossed off my list as possible before that happens! Hurry up! Do more, because you don't know when you'll be able to do XYZ again!" 

Oh, and the other thing I do when my brain starts misfiring because I need to go sleep for a day or three? Yeah, I ramble. Kind of like this blog post. 

Meanwhile, I need opinions: I tried out a cool wavy blade on my rotary cutter for some of the scarves I cut out today. If the fleece colors/patterns are gender neutral, does having cool wavy (kind of like pinking shears cut, but on a bigger scale) edges make them too feminine to give to men? I'd post a photo so you could see, but it's way too late to start looking for the camera. Tomorrow, maybe. :)

For my fellow bloggers: Tomorrow (Nov. 5) is the last day to sign up to participate in NaBloPoMo, so if you're on the fence, go sign up right now! It has moved over to the conglomerate (men are welcome to participate despite the name!), and OMG they have truly awesome prizes this year! And they're apparently giving out a prize every day. Wow! Not that I do this for the prizes -- particularly since I've never won anything -- but it's more fun to dream when you're actually in the game than not. 

Yep. Rambling again. 

Must. Stop. Typing. And. Go. To. Bed.

See y'all back here tomorrow!




Anonymous said...

You are so crafty, and ambitious. I love the guy that invented gift cards...everybody got a Dunkin Donuts cards from my kids. I am not crafty at all, and ambitious?? I lost that a long time ago. Bravo for you!

Aviva said...

Aw, thanks, Mo!

Actually, I think Dunkin Donuts cards were a brilliant choice. And quite likely more appreciated than a fleece scarf. :)