Saturday, November 12, 2011

What A Day!

Today was a doozy. But a good doozy!

Scott and Ellie competed in their first roller skating competition just across the state line in Vancouver, Wash., and did awesome! Scott came home with two firsts, and Ellie "tied" for third in her sole event. (Tied is in quotation marks because they gave every kid in that event an award. There was one first-place winner, one second-place winner, and all the rest of the kids got certificates saying they were in third place. They didn't have the score sheets posted yet when we left so I don't know how she really did point-wise.)

I'm most proud of both of them simply for participating in it. And I'm proud of myself for managing to get Ellie's hair in a bun (with a little help from Scott). :)

Boy, a little sparkly blue eye shadow really emphasized those eyes!

A matching scrunchie came with the dress we bought used last June.

Her scrunchie is bigger than her bun! :)

Sadly, I didn't get a decent photo of the two of them together in their skate outfits. I might have to re-stage it ...

More tomorrow! I'm beyond tired ...

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Pissed Off Patient said...

Oh how lovely she looks. Congrats!