Thursday, February 14, 2013

Oops! I Did It Again!* aka Over-Scheduling For A Sick Momma

I guess I took a sick day yesterday. Sort of.

I didn't mean to, but I guess my body knew what it needed and overruled my brain that had over scheduled me. (Actually, even my brain knew it was a bad idea.)

It's been a crazy week, and getting crazier every day.

It started on Sunday when I finally decided that I couldn't keep sending my kid to school in boots that were falling apart. And she's been insisting she wants jeans, after years of telling me she didn't. So we hit Target looking for jeans and boots. And struck out.

So we went to Sears, where I had to return a dress I'd ordered from Lands' End that didn't fit, and looked there. We found the boots, but again struck out on jeans, and called it a day. An exhausting day.

We also discovered we had lice. Again. (Have I mentioned recently how awesome it is to have a school-age child?) So that meant that my stay-at-home, recover-from-the-weekend-and-gird-for-the-coming-week Monday was shot because we visited the fabulous ladies at Lice Knowing You in Beaverton. Thankfully, we caught it much earlier this time and the bill was far lower than last time around. It didn't help that I couldn't fall back asleep after Scott got up at his usual 5:45 a.m. because my neck itched. So it was a long, exhausting day instead of a recovery day.

On Tuesday, I had acupuncture (thank goodness!) and then had to pick my kid up from school to take her to a Hebrew tutor. The downside to leaving a Jewish day school is having to figure out how to get your kid a Jewish education when a normal three or four times a week after-school religious school doesn't fit into your schedule. Sigh. The upside is her beloved Hebrew teacher from kindergarten and first grade agreed to tutor her. And Ellie was soooooo happy to see Morah Devorah again.

So when my alarm went off on Wednesday morning for me to prepare for a visit to my immunologist, apparently my body said, "Uh, uh!" I woke up two hours later, ten minutes before my appointment at his office that's at least 20 minutes away. So I called to see if it would be possible for me to arrive 40 or so minutes late (I had to get dressed! Take meds! Eat something!), but his schedule was booked so they kindly rescheduled me for next week.

Which meant I got a jammies day at home, which was just what my body needed.

And that's good, because my week is only going to get crazier because Scott is headed north for a roller-skating competition on Friday morning and won't be back until Monday afternoon/evening. While I'm pretty used to occasional solo weekends, this will be my first solo parenting weekend. (I got my first solo parenting in last summer when Scott went to Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska, but that had the benefit of being on weekdays when Ellie spent all day at camp.)

I feel like I'm almost faking my way as a "normal" soccer mom this week: Out of four days of school, I'll have picked her up three and taken her somewhere. And today, on her first solo school bus ride home, I was waiting out on the driveway when the bus dropped her off. In my jammies, but I was there. :-) It counts, right?

But although I've managed to keep most of my balls in the air so far, it's clear that I can't maintain this schedule for long. :-/

I'm just aiming for long enough.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I got tired just reading this post. Slow down Girl.....easier said than done I know.