Sunday, March 16, 2008

Still No Side Effects

I'm happy to report that I still have no side effects kicking in from the Plaquenil.

The rheumatologist told me not to expect to notice any benefit from the medicine for at least three months, but I'm just happy that my body is tolerating it this time around and hopefully we'll get to see if it helps me.

Semi-quiet week ahead -- a meeting Monday with the disability services folks at PCC, two acupuncture appointments, and that's about it. I'm really really really hoping to be able to attend Purim services on Thursday night. Ellie is so excited about the prospect of going to synagogue in one of her princess dresses and a tiara! So I'll be trying to not wear myself out so badly that I can't go.

It wasn't a particularly good weekend for me pain- and energy-wise. I had hoped to accompany Scott and Ellie to Tot Shabbat on Saturday morning, but felt like if I went there, that was going to be the end of what I could do for the weekend. Then Ellie begged me to accompany Scott and her to OMSI and I really wanted to see the dinosaur exhibit, but by the time lunch was over, my eyes were barely staying open and I knew I needed a nap. Scott was not the happiest camper to twice end up taking Ellie out on his own after I'd said I would try to go, but he's a good sport and didn't complain.

We did accomplish one major thing: about five batches of hamantaschen! Now I have to bag them up and try to get them delivered to our Jewish friends here before Purim. It's a lot of cookies! Of course, we'll be saving a few for ourselves to eat! :)

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