Friday, March 2, 2012

Still Waiting ...

Yep, I'm still waiting for that darn mail-order prescription.

On the upside, the website shows that it's in transit and scheduled to arrive March 6, so just a few more days.

But oh, I dug through the less-than-intuitive mail-order pharmacy's website and discovered that I requested the medication on Feb. 13.

And since I still had refill available, according to that website, it kind of boggles my mind that it is taking so darn long to get here!

Meanwhile, my pain levels just keep ramping up. So far, I've refrained from using narcotic pain pills, but since I'm forbidden from ibuprofin (I get peptic ulcers from all NSAIDs. And I mean all.) there really isn't much else I can turn to for pain control. I'm hoping that having the end in sight (Tuesday!) means I can hold on.

OTOH, I'm not really sure why I try so hard not to take pain pills. My doctors prescribe them and say they're meant to be available when my pain levels get high. In nearly five years of this illness (or ever), I've never abused them. But there's a stigma attached to using narcotic pain meds, especially for a chronic condition, and like a lot of people with chronic pain, I've internalized that attitude. And that's despite the fact that I know from experience (and it's supported by numerous studies!) that letting pain build and grow just makes it much harder to get control of later on.

So, um, I guess that's my update on the status quo. 

Meanwhile, although I doubt I'll manage to post daily for April, I went ahead and signed up for Wego Health's Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge 2012 (HAWMC). If you blog and are so inspired, you should sign up there too. They will send you daily prompts, although you're free to blog about whatever's on your mind instead of their prompts.


Sherril said...

I use Costco mail order pharma for most meds and they usually take about a week to get here and the postage is free! You do not have to be a Costco member to use the service. And I use a place in California called Apothecary Options for compounded thyroid meds; it takes them just a couple of days to get the meds here. So not all mail order places take so long...

Aviva said...

Hey Sherril! Yeah, the one I use is owned/operated by the insurance company. I'm sure the more independent ones are just great! I just wish I could use them instead of the one our insurance company mandates!

Sorry if I wasn't clear about that. I didn't mean to tar all mail-order pharmacies by the same brush!