Monday, October 27, 2008

Battling the Bug(s)

Man, this virus I've got -- whatever the heck it is -- has really knocked me out. Except for the fact that everytime I lie down, I'm so congested and my lungs are so cruddy that I can't breathe.

Not being able to lie down for long really makes it hard to sleep.

I've tried the recliner. I've tried the back rest and extra pillows in bed (the best solution so far).

I really suspect that I should go see my internist but it's one of those times where I haven't felt well enough for a shower (or to clean the tub so I could take a bath) for I'm-too-embarrassed-to-admit-how-many days. And my bed head is bad enough that I can't brush through it until I get it washed and conditioned (gotta love having curly hair ...) so there's no way I'm going out in public like this even if I do feel like death warmed over.

Meanwhile -- the bugs! I guess it's just the usual fall invasion of bugs trying to get out of the cold and into the warm house, but I don't think we've ever found so many spiders in one day as we did yesterday since we moved into this house in 1999. Big ones, little ones and in-between ones, they're all trying to get in and way too many are succeeding. So far it's all been spiders, except for one bug that looked like a huge spider from a distance but when Scott got close enough to squish it, he said it was really a beetle. Ewwwwww.

Makes me miss our old cat, Priss kitty, who would play with the spiders and (usually) eventually eat them. Our current cat, Gracie, is too blind to see them even if they're crawling right in front of her nose.

At least those bugs are easier to get rid of than my virus. :)

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