Thursday, August 26, 2010

Change (Sort of)

My husband sent me a link to the above photo with a note "remember when our family room looked like this?"

But I couldn't get past the thought, "Wait! When is this from? When's the last time we had our so-called breakfast bar that empty?!" And after a few beats, "How old was Ellie here? She looks really young!"

Sure enough, it turned out that the date on that photo was in April 2007, which was right when we put our house on the market. (And Ellie was just over age 2, but already loving to help cook and bake.) Luckily for us, since we had no clue that the bottom was about to fall out of the housing market, we failed to get a single offer on our house, which we finally took off the market in July 2007, about a month after I first got sick. 

In an interesting coincidence to the timing of my husband sending me this photo is that one of my friends who is also a medical mystery is on the verge of moving into a new house (You know who you are -- I can't remember right now if you've blogged about this or not and don't want to out you if you haven't! Feel free to chime in on the comments!) and not really sure how she's going to manage it all -- packing, moving, unpacking -- while simultaneously working full-time despite extremely debilitating symptoms and having a first-grader. 

I also got a call this week from a Realtor who had liked our house when he visited it back in 2007 who calls me every six months or so to see if we're considering putting the house back on the market. (He doesn't have a client who wants it; he just wants to list it.) 

Each time he's called, I've told him that due to my health problems, we don't feel like we can even consider trying to get it in show condition much less pack it up and move. This time, I told him that since our prime motivation for trying to sell it was to move into a better local school district before Ellie started kindergarten, we weren't likely to look to move anytime soon since we've enrolled her in a private school and kindergarten starts in less than a week(!).

Meanwhile, I teased Scott about why the heck did he send me the link to the above photo, when there was a much cuter one of Ellie in the same batch:

He claims the first showed more of the clean, empty family room, and maybe it did. But isn't she way cuter with the big smile? :-)

Now my baby (growing out those bangs) looks more like this:

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Anonymous said...

I just love those "remember when?" moments. Your daughter is growing up to be a beautiful young lady! Does she still like to help you in the kitchen?