Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Quick Status Report

It should have been pretty obvious to me, but I discovered this week that I feel way more recovered from the surgery when I am sleeping a lot and not doing much. 

On Wednesday, I made it out of the house for the first time since the gallbladder surgery and went to my acupuncture appointment. And just getting there pretty much wore me out and kicked my pain levels up a couple notches. I also discovered that I have a pulling sensation on the surgical wounds (which look totally healed on the outside) when I do more walking than I get in the house. 

I'm not sure if that pulling sensation is simply a cue that the internal healing isn't complete yet, or if I've already developed adhesions that are going to bug me until/unless I do something about them.

I go back to see the surgeon on Tuesday, which will be exactly two weeks from my release from the hospital and 15 days post-op. I'm assuming this is all pretty normal, and actually going very well, since she told me I wouldn't feel up to things like grocery shopping for a couple weeks. (I didn't mention that grocery shopping is too much for me even before my gallbladder issues.) So I'm guessing I'm right around where I should be, especially since I have a pre-mystery-illness history of healing slower than average.

Thanks so much to everyone who has emailed or left comments on the blog for me about my gallbladder surgery and my post about traveling in search of a diagnosis. I really like hearing from people, and appreciate the time and energy you spend when you comment or email me.


Queen of Optimism said...

So glad you got out and got to acupuncture! If you're like me, getting out of the house does me good even on days when I don't really feel up to it.

I hope there aren't any complications with your healing. I've been fortunate that despite feeling funky sensations post-op I've been just fine. Heck, my c-section area still gives me funky sensations and I barely have a scar!

Take good care of yourself!!

Anonymous said...

Sick Momma, Don't forget that the anesthesia can kick your butt for awhile...and your body is still freaking out because you took something out. (Hey...what are you doing with Mr. Gallbladder?) Hopefully you will feel better in another week or so. Don't overdo it, like a Momma can take it easy huh?