Sunday, May 2, 2010

Isn't It Ironic?

I've always loved that song by Alanis Morissette. But lately, it just seems to fit my life a little too well. 

When I moved in with my husband in 1999, I occasionally found myself missing those weekends when I stayed in my jammies, didn't bathe or leave the apartment, and alternated naps with reading trashy romances or watching movies. 

So it felt a bit ironic when I realized that hey, I do that all the time now. And now I yearn for the days when I had the energy to shower and get dressed daily. 

I used to think it would be mortifying to be seen in public without freshly washed hair. (My hair is naturally curly, and it never quite looks the same once it's been slept on or brushed.) Even when Ellie was a newborn, I managed to get a daily shower, something many of my friends couldn't manage. Sure, my showers rarely were first thing in the morning, but I was almost always showered and dressed by the time Scott came home from work.

These days? A good week means I manage to shower twice. A great week is three showers. On bad weeks, I've gone to the pharmacy in my jammies with unwashed/unbrushed hair and gone the entire week without managing a shower. 

I guess it's one more example of being careful what you ask for. I know I'd love to give up having weekends in my jammies if it meant I felt well enough to shower and get dressed every day again. 

On a more cheerful note, one of my favorite websites, But You Don't Look Sick, posted some "sick" humor in honor of Lupus Awareness Month. Go check it out! 

Despite not having a lupus diagnosis, I can identify with way too many of them. (The last one rings way too true right now. This morning, I counted seven small bruises on my stomach, four on my left arm, one on my right arm, a huge bruise on my inner right calf, a series of bruises around my inner left ankle, and I haven't even looked higher than my calves yet on my legs and I know I always have at least several on my thighs. And then there's the times lately that I've gotten lost going to my daughter's preschool ...)