Friday, September 2, 2011

A Happy Anniversary

Ten years ago today, September 2, 2001, I married my better half, my best friend, and the (main) love of my life. Neither of us foresaw the path we've been traveling, whether my debilitating chronic illness or even our decision to make an Ellie. But we both agree it's a path we would choose again, even knowing what we know now. I know I'm blessed to have such a supportive spouse. Way too marriages crumble when faced with a life-changing onset of a chronic illness. I also know of too many women who are struggling with unsupportive husbands who are dismissive of their health issues but feel like they have no other options because they are too sick to support themselves if they left. My husband isn't perfect, and neither is our marriage. (Nor am I, for that matter! Don't think I don't know that part too!) But we have a great partnership, and for that, I am immensely happy. And grateful! Happy anniversary, Scott!